Sunday, June 21, 2009

Turkey 2009

What a fantastic holiday in Turkey! Did it really happen, or was it a dream?

The wind was quite light most of the time but enough to get planing on a windsurfer almost every day even if on big kit (as you can see in the photo I still had the old magic ;-). I didn't mind, it gave us the chance to sail Dart 16s and the Lazer 2000 together. Hasima was a little nervous at first until she realized that her man (that's me!) can sail anything........badly.

Here we are high on love (or whatever was in that water-pipe we were smoking).

Luckily there were plenty of sporty activities on offer to keep us from getting bored. Of course we packed accordingly with cycling and work-out clothes which we used, well only twice actually. But at least we made good use of the watersports kit.

Hasima particularly got into the wakeboarding:

And also stayed out windsurfing longer than most on one of the 2 very windy days! She did get totally caned though :-)

It's all over now but we have some cool photos (link to photos2, password: eastwood) and some even cooler memories and, as they say: After holiday is also before holiday. No, I'm not sure who says that either, but we are already looking forward to the next trip.
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