Saturday, August 29, 2009

The train in Spain

Shit! Arriving at work........

Spain. Sadly not leisurely exploring the rias of the Northwest but stuck in the stinking, hot, landlocked hellhole that is Madrid.

Reading between the lines you might realise that I don't like it here very much. What, then, am I doing here? Well, mostly I am waiting for trains:

I get up at 0600 and, ten minutes later, I am 50m underground with all the other tired and miserable people waiting for the Metro. 2 stops later and I am at a different platform with different miserable, tired people waiting for a different train. If I go to the gym in the evening I need to wait for an additional 4 trains! "Metro", "Renfe", "Cercaninias". Call them what you want, they are all trains and I have to wait for most of them.
Hooray! Leaving work.......

Of course I am not being entirely serious. I don't spend all my time waiting for trains (that would be crazy!). At weekends I also spend quite some time waiting for planes. But this is a pleasure compared with waiting for trains because it means that (a) it is the weekend and (b) I'm off to see the love of my life. Except for when it means that (c) the weekend is over and (d) I have to leave my baby behind.



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